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Losing the keys to your office, car or home in the wee hours can churn in a lot of stress for you. It is hard to think straight in such an event and this is why it is important to understand what causes such situations, to avoid occurrence. You might find yourself with a broken lock key due to any of the following reasons.

  • Lock Damage:  There may be instances wherein you are trying to insert a key into a faulty or damaged lock, which can jam during the operation. This can in turn damage the key for further use.
  • A rugged, old Key: A key which has been in use for a long time is highly susceptible to breakage and that too without prior notice.
  • Degraded Quality: If the initial make of the key is sub-standard, there is all the more chance of it not lasting.
  • Crafting Defects: In spite of using good quality material for making the key, if the crafting and the design are not appropriate, breakage is the obvious result.

It is not enough that the broken key is extracted successfully, it is also imperative that no damage is made to the existing hardware in the process of doing so. This is what makes Northwest VA Locksmith Store the broken key extraction service provider of choice, in area.

Car Key Extraction

Northwest VA Locksmith Store Northwest, VA 757-317-1018Imagine the frustration which would engulf your mind when you step out to drive to work for an important meeting or personal errand, and break the key in the lock. This is where you should look towards an able and proficient locksmith, who is a master at broken key extraction for cars. Northwest VA Locksmith Store can easily send over a specialist to you, who can both retrieve your damaged key for you, and also replace it with a new one.

Residential and Commercial key extraction

If you trust the experts on this subject, broken key extraction from stuck locks in residential and commercial facilities is all about dedication. The convenient and unfortunately the most commonly followed practice by the average a locksmith is to drill through the very lock and hand over the damaged keys to the customer. We realise how big a pain this would turn out for our customers and hence we work with a ‘salvage the maximum’ approach, while causing minimal peripheral damage.

Call 757-317-1018 today and get a flavour of our dedicated broken key extraction services in Northwest in no time.